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Operations and Travel Information Integration Sharing (OTIIS): Operations and Maintenance

Started: April, 2015 Ended: April, 2016 Project ID #4W5369 Status: Completed

Results & Findings

The Operations Evaluation report summarizes Phase II, which included operating and maintaining the system for an evaluation phase from April 2015 – December 2016. The report includes a brief overview of the development of the system, a description of the system, experiences from operations of the system, system usage analytics, and conclusions. The research team concluded that that during Phase II, the OTIIS system provided more than 12,000 users with the ability to see road conditions and plan their trips seamlessly along the NWP corridor. In general the OTIIS website usage has grown over the life of the system, despite limited media exposure. Usage statistics and analytics have shown that media efforts are necessary to inform users of the system and grow its usage. Potential future enhancements include expansion to non I-90/94 routes, improvements to the mobile app, and public launching of the mobile app.


The objective of this project is to define the operations and Maintenance Plan for the Operations and Travel Integration Sharing (OTIIS) System.


This project defines the operations and Maintenance Plan for the Operations and Travel Integration Sharing (OTIIS) System recently developed by WTI and the Computer Science Department at Montana State University for the North/West Passage (NWP) Transportation Pooled Fund.  The OTIIS system was initially developed with support from the Federal Highway Administration's Multistate Corridor Operations and Management (MCOM) Program. OTIIS will be deployed on cloud services and set up for automatic monitoring and alerts. This project will also produce an evaluation of OTIIS after the site has been operational for at least one year.


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