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Oregon DOT ITS Performance and Benefit Plan

Started: June, 2001 Ended: June, 2003 Project ID #427468 Status: Completed


This plan will document processes to measure the benefits and performance of the Oregon Department of Transportation’sITS infrastructure, and will conduct evaluations for selectedITS elements.


The Oregon Intelligent Transportation System Strategic Plan: 1997-2017 was approved by the Oregon Transportation Commission to guide development and implementation of intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies and practices over a twenty year period. ODOT and other public agencies and private sector stakeholders have implemented many ITS projects and services. ODOT plans to expand the use of ITS as a key tool in managing Oregon’s transportation systems. ODOT’s current deployment of ITS technology throughout the state consists of a wide range of systems and devices. Some examples of ITS elements that have been deployed by ODOT include:· Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS)· Advanced Travel Information Systems (TripCheck)· Highway Travel Condition Reporting System (HTCRS)· Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)· Incident response vehicles· Remote control signs· Road and Weather Information Systems (RWIS)· Traffic surveillance cameras· Variable Message Signs (VMS)The goals of ITS technology in Oregon are to provide enhanced transportation safety, mobility, efficiency, and productivity while promoting economic prosperity and livability throughout the state. To meet these goals, ODOT’s ITS Program must have means to evaluate the performance and benefit of this technology. Successful strategic planning of ITS infrastructure relies on measuring the systems benefits to the public and the Agency. Performance and benefit information is also important in planning for future system development.


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