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Paratransit Systems Operations Models

Project #: 426554
Start Date: 06/15/2002
End Date: 09/07/2004

Paratransit services for elderly, disabled and other users in rural or small urban environments will become increasingly important. For example, the Greater Bozeman Area Transit Development Plan has identified a need to serve an elderly population in the Gallatin Valley as a primary goal over the next 20 years. There are several paratransit systems currently in use in Montana. Galavan serves the elderly in the Bozeman area with door-to-door service available by reservation. Eagle transit provides door-to-door services similar to Galavan. A deviated-route (to ½ mile) system is also available. Charges to disabled individuals are minimal. Taxi-like systems can incorporate dynamic routing, as vehicles are dispatched point-to-point.Paratransit system design includes both fleet configuration and operational systems. Vehicle scheduling and dispatching methodologies affect and are affected by the fleet. Demand patterns (volume, time, location) and the available road networks drive design and operational decisions. This project will develop some models and identified others that will provide tools for paratransit system design and operational management.


The objective of this project is to develop and test prototype models of paratransit systems that can be used to evaluate routing, scheduling and dispatch alternatives. The models will be demand-driven and will be developed using historical data available from Galavan. Testing and validation with other data sets will also be done, time permitting.


  • Ed Mooney
    Ed Mooney
  • Robin Kline
    (Main External Contact)
    Robin Kline
    (Main External Contact)


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