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Pilot Study of Traffic Safety Culture - UTC

Started: July, 2011 Ended: January, 2012 Project ID #4W3689 Status: Completed


The objective of this project was to better define the concept of traffic safety culture in measurable terms, and to examine the relationship of traffic safety culture with safety outcomes.


"Traffic safety culture" is a concept that helps explain observed differences in international, regional and demographic crash risk, as well as the propensity to commit high risk behaviors. It is possible to apply this concept to develop a new paradigm for traffic safety interventions. While traffic safety culture is gaining national recognition as the next paradigm to improve traffic safety, there was relatively little research being conducted in this area (at the time of this study). This project proposed to conduct a pilot study to improve the understanding and application of traffic safety culture. Proposed topics for the pilot study included examining the differences between rural and urban drivers in terms of self-reported risky driving, and investigating the influence of the cultures of traffic safety organizations on the safety performance of state and national transportation systems.


  • Nic Ward - PI

  • Robin Kline - Main External Contact

Sponsors & Partners

  • Research and Innovation Technology Administration (RITA) Sponsor

Part of: Safety Culture

Project Tagged In: traffic safety culture

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