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Professional Capacity Building for Communication System, Phase 3

Project #: 4W5027
Start Date: 07/09/2014
End Date: 12/29/2015
Status: Completed

Rural ITS deployments are becoming increasingly complex in order to adequately address the challenges that rural transportation presents. However, even though rural communications engineering is a mission critical skill, many engineers have relatively little experience with the myriad of technologies that could be applied. Furthermore, because technologies are changing and becoming obsolete very quickly, transportation professionals find it challenging to stay abreast of the latest technologies available on the market.  Transportation agencies are also faced with the challenges of finding qualified staff, increasing turnover, retention of existing staff with their experience, skill and leadership, and attracting new entrants to the transportation workforce.  A variety of training options for communications are available commercially, from academic institutions, trade organizations, and industry. However, opportunities to gain training particular to rural transportation communications are limited. To build the professional capacity of rural ITS engineers, the first two phases of this project developed a comprehensive curriculum and conducted training for Rural ITS communications.

Training for plant wireless communications, RF System Basics was conducted during Phase 1 of the project. In Phase 2, training was provided for IP Fundamentals as well as Plant Wired communications on the topic of Optical Fiber. In this third phase, the curriculum was updated and a course in Telco Wireless Fundamentals and Usage was offered .



The goal of this project is to update the curriculum and conduct further training for Rural ITS communications in order to build the professional capacity of rural ITS engineers.



  • Doug Galarus
    Doug Galarus
  • Leann Koon
    Leann Koon