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Rural Transportation Research, Development and Accelerated Deployment Technical Proposal

Started: January, 2008 Ended: December, 2008 Project ID #4W1958 Status: Completed


Renewal of a cooperative and contractual arrangement between the Western Transportation Institute and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to continue efforts toward improving safety and efficiency of rural transportation facilities, enhance the mobility of rural travelers, and conserve the ecological well being of the environment through which those transportation systems move.


The project is divided into focus areas over a four-year period that will assist both Caltrans and WTI achieve certain objectives. These objectives include: • Identify potential California public and private sector organizations and federal agency partners to leverage resources and funding to address Caltrans’s rural transportation challenges. • Provide formalized methods of cooperation among the Caltrans district customers, sponsoring organizations and universities for advanced rural transportation technology research and technology transfer. • Conduct outreach and assess rural transportation challenges and ITS needs. • Accelerate the deployment of ITS to address driver behavior, safety, operations and maintenance through improved documentation of systems for replication in Caltrans districts with similar challenges. • Assess opportunities to improve driver simulation capabilities and coordination between WTI and Caltrans. • Improve coordination and communication between organizations involved in rural transportation solutions, including Caltrans DRI, Caltrans district offices, universities, and WTI. • Improve the dissemination of research results to assist Caltrans, practitioners in other states and researchers by providing a one-stop-shop clearinghouse of information on rural transportation. • Accelerate dissemination of research findings through working papers, publications and conference presentations.


Sponsors & Partners

  • California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) Sponsor

Part of: Safety and Operations

Project Tagged In: ITS, safety, Rural Transportation, intelligent transportation systems

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