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Rural Traveler Information (One-Stop Shop), Phase 2

Project #: 4W3799
Start Date: 10/01/2011
End Date: 06/30/2016
Status: Completed

This project is the second phase in a multi-phase research project aimed at developing a one-stop shop for rural traveler information. It builds upon the initial efforts of Rural Traveler Information Needs Assessment and Pilot Study, or One-Stop Shop Phase 1. One-Stop Shop Phase 1 developed a small-scale prototype web application to provide travelers in rural northern California with comprehensive, real-time data that could be employed in planning their trip. The Western States Rural Transportation Consortium, in partnership with the University Transportation Center program of the USDOT, is funding this supportive effort to demonstrate an information mechanism that could provide route-specific information to highway users in rural areas throughout the four state region. Subsequent research phases will address further testing and refinement, including field demonstration and evaluation, and possible expansion to bordering states. This project represents the Western States Rural Transportation Consortium portion of the research effort.


The goal of this project is to investigate the expansion of a prototype information delivery mechanism throughout the western states region consisting of California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.


  • Doug Galarus
    Doug Galarus
  • David Veneziano
    David Veneziano