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RWIS Implementation Plan

Started: December, 2008 Ended: August, 2009 Project ID #4W2437 Status: Completed


The goal of this project is to document how the Alaska Department of Transportation developed and deployed its RWIS system, and to provide recommendations for its future use.


Professional workforce development is a growing challenge for state departments of transportation across the country. Many highly experienced transportation engineers, managers, and administrators are nearing retirement age. As DOTs face high levels of turnovers, management and other staff members are concerned about the loss of “corporate history” – or the institutional knowledge of why decisions were made and how agency activities were accomplished. The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) is one of many transportation agencies concerned with this issue. To help ADOT&PF prepare for this turnover, the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) will document the corporate history of the agency’s road weather information systems (RWIS) sites. RWIS sites are used to collect surface transportation weather in order to provide the most accurate information to agency staff members, which helps them to make decisions on how the agency will prepare for and respond to weather conditions that affect travel conditions and mobility on affected roadways. WTI will analyze and synthesize information collected from a literature review and stakeholder interviews. The final report will document history and current processes, provide a plan for future statewide deployment of RWIS, and include recommendations regarding training and system improvements


Sponsors & Partners

  • Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) Sponsor

Part of: Systems Engineering Development & Integration

Project Tagged In: intelligent transportation systems, Road weather information systems, Alaska, Department of Transportation, Public facilities

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