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Safety Evaluation of the Gateway Monument Demonstration Project

Project #: 4W2162
Start Date: 06/30/2008
End Date: 09/30/2009

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) created the Gateway Monument Demonstration Program (GMDP) to facilitate the construction of free standing structures or signage to communicate the name of a city, county or township to motorists. Gateway Monuments provide communities with a creative way to identify themselves and create a favorable image. The monuments typically include the official seal or slogan of the local entity and are considered non-integral and/or non-required highway features. They are planned, designed, funded, constructed and maintained by local entities. The GMDP spans a four year period, commencing on January 1, 2005 and concluding December 31, 2008. The role of Caltrans is to review and approve proposals for Gateway Monuments that will be located within a State-controlled right-of-way. To date, a total of seven Gateway Monuments have been or are in the process of being installed in five California communities. In addition, a number of proposals are still under review. However, highway structures for which the outcomes and benefits have not been measured (such as Gateway Monuments) are becoming more difficult to justify and prioritize under increased budget pressures. Through this project, researchers at the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) and California State University – Chico (CSU – Chico) will examine whether the Gateway Monuments have an impact on driver safety. In addition, they will conduct an economic benefit analysis, to evaluate how they add economic value to communities and the surrounding environment, add to the sense of place, and enhance community image.


To conduct a safety evaluation and an economic benefit analysis of the Gateway Monument Demonstration Project.


  • David Veneziano
    David Veneziano


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