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San Joaquin Kit Fox Habitat Connectivity and Highway Crossing Structures

Started: November, 2004 Ended: June, 2007 Project ID #4W0610 Status: Completed


To produce science-based information for designing culverts for San Joaquin kit foxes and measures of their ecological performance.


The San Joaquin kit fox is listed as a federal endangered species and a threatened species in the state of California. It currently can be found in 16 California counties, where more than 300 miles of highways are slated for major widening projects—converting two-lane highways to four-lane expressways—starting this year. There is increasing concern that these projects will substantially reduce the San Joaquin kit fox habitat connectivity by restricting the animals’ movements. As mitigation, highway widening projects are starting to incorporate culverts for kit fox habitat connectivity. However, there is no information on how effective these culverts are in maintaining habitat connectivity. WTI will measure how often kit fox use the culverts, identify factors that influence culvert use or avoidance, and assess the conservation value of culverts. The research will produce science-based information for designing culverts for the kit foxes and measures of ecological performance.


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  • CSUS Endangered Species Recovery Program Sponsor
  • California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) Partner

Part of: Road Ecology

Project Tagged In: wildlife connectivity, San Joaquin kit fox, wildlife crossing structures

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