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Setting up ROaDs Partners with Customized Surveys

Project #: 4WA010 (4WA238)
Start Date: 02/01/2023
End Date: 06/30/2024

This project is established to provide support to ROaDS partners who are interested in setting up ROaDS on their own ESRI ArcGIS account for their agency. The WTI Team will provide the agency with the ROaDS template, educate them on how to adapt the survey to fit their needs, and help with training users on how to use the survey.


This multi-phase project seeks to facilitate the standardization of wildlife-vehicle collision (WVC) data so the National Park Service (NPS), Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and their stakeholders are able to collect, store, share, and retrieve data as it is needed for their organization. This phase will focus on customizing the ROaDs Survey Template to fit the specific needs of our non-DOI partners – tribes, states, local government, non-governmental organizations, citizen scientists, etc. This will include changing the species list and adapting the survey questions to meet their research goals. The WTI Team will also teach our partners how to change their survey questions in the future.

Benefits: This project will benefit any agency that wants to set up the ROaDS survey. We have currently had discussions with Nevada DOT and Indiana Department of Natural Resources. We have been contacted by North Dakota DOT, New Mexico DOT, and North Carolina DOT, but have not had a meeting with them yet.

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