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Significant Factors of Bridge Deterioration

Project #: 4WA209
Start Date: 01/23/2023
End Date: 10/31/2024

The objective of this project is to use state-based deterioration models to forecast bridge maintenance activity by quantifying the effect of significant factors that contribute to bridge deterioration across the five maintenance districts in Montana. The research will contribute to more accurate and reliable bridge management analyses by: 1) identifying significant factors affecting bridge deterioration in Montana, 2) determining refinements, based on the identified significant factors, to the recently established deterioration curves, and 3) establishing effective data collection, processing, and future research opportunities for improving the accuracy and consistency of estimating bridge deterioration in Montana.

Benefits: This project will help the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) more accurately determine the timing and type of maintenance and rehabilitation required for state-maintained bridges. It will reduce spending and increase the service life of bridge structures, which will improve the efficiently of state resources used for bridge maintenance and ensure safe and reliable infrastructure for the traveling public.


  • Damon Fick
    Damon Fick
  • Matthew Bell
    Matthew Bell


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