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Siskiyou Pass Traveler Information and Incident Management Evaluation - Showcase Evaluation #1

Started: November, 1999 Ended: March, 2007 Project ID #4264543 Status: Completed


To evaluate strategic ITS deployments throughout the Siskiyou Pass region including Highway Advisory Radio, Changeable Message Signs, Kiosks, Closed-Circuit Television Cameras and a Regional Incident Management Plan.


As part of the California/Oregon Advanced Transportation System (COATS) project, the Siskiyou Pass area, near the California/Oregon border, was identified as having transportation challenges related to traveler information, traveler mobility, and incident management. To evaluate whether Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) deployments throughout the bi-state region have improved traveler information, traveler surveys were distributed throughout the project area. The surveys focused on evaluating the functionality of the most recent ITS deployments and upgrades as well as identifying traveler characteristics, travel habits, and demographic characteristics of Siskiyou Pass travelers. In addition, the evaluation included interviews with various state agencies having a stake in incident management.


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Sponsors & Partners

  • California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) Sponsor
  • Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Co-Sponsor
  • California Highway Patrol Partner
  • Oregon State Police Partner

Part of: Safety and Operations

Project Tagged In: ITS, incident management, ATIS

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