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Support for Training and Informational Services

Project #: 4W5799
Start Date: 10/12/2015
End Date: 09/30/2017
Status: Completed

The Paul S. Sarbanes Transportation in Parks Technical Assistance Center (TRIPTAC) staff created a website with extensive online resources related to transportation alternatives specifically geared toward Federal Land Management Agency (FLMA) unit, regional and national level staff, as well as partner organizations. In addition, the TRIPTAC built a distribution list of over 1,000 members over its four+ years in operation. Through the website and distribution list, useful information, news and updates on a variety of transportation-related topics ranging from legislation and funding resources to updates on PLTS projects have been provided to FLMA personnel and other stakeholders. The interactive, searchable Resource Library and Training Catalog include a wide selection of documents, training materials and other resources which were compiled from a wide variety of sources and can be easily accessed through the website. These online resources have been used and appreciated by personnel from all of the public land agencies, as well as many partner organizations.

Members of the TRIPTAC Peer Group, comprised of national and unit level FLMA staff and stakeholder organizations, expressed a desire to keep these resources available after the TRIPTAC closed its doors later in 2014. As a result, the Federal Lands Transportation Institute (FLTI) website was created to host these resources.  Through this project, many elements of the TRIPTAC website will be transitioned to the FLTI website, where they will remain accessible to FLMA staff and partners, as well as providing support for continued dissemination of relevant information to the distribution list for a period of time. Access to this information will provide helpful information to staff of all the FLMAs in educating themselves on transportation related issues, as well as planning and implementing transportation related projects. These elements include the interactive Resource Library and information on TRIP awards and projects, the Transportation Scholars program, training materials and opportunities, and funding resources, among others. In addition, periodic e-newsletters and training e-blasts will continue to be provided to the distribution list members.


The objective of this project is to expand resources available through the Federal Lands Transportation Institute website.


  • Jaime Sullivan
    Jaime Sullivan