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Transportation Demand Management 2020

Project #: 4W8403
Start Date: 05/15/2020
End Date: 08/15/2023
Status: Current

This work builds upon efforts over the past three years working with MSU and the City of Bozeman to promote transportation demand management and reduce single occupancy vehicle use in the greater Bozeman area. It is anticipated this work will include the following tasks along with others as requested by MSU, the City of Bozeman and/or other partners.

• Continue to develop and manage the website that operates on the RideAmigos platform. The platform is used for transportation demand management (TDM) and provides services including trip planning, carpool/vanpool management, transit schedules and route finders, employer TDM management, incentive and rewards programs and guaranteed ride home programs. One of the first steps is continued discussion with partners on a rebranding effort for the site to be more encompassing for people in the greater Gallatin Valley area.

Other initiatives may include:

• Development of a guaranteed ride home program that could be implemented by employers

• Establishment of a car share program that would include consideration of both public and private users across the city.

• Evaluation of options to support the Streamline Bus.

• Development of a strategies to develop an Urban Transportation District.

• Further development of a traffic calming program including the finalization and rollout of a toolkit.

• Assistance with efforts to prepare for the formation of an MPO.


The purpose of this project is to build upon previous efforts between WTI, Montana State University, and the City of Bozeman to promote transportation demand management and reduce single-occupancy vehicle use in the greater Bozeman area.


  • David Kack
    David Kack
  • Rebecca Gleason
    Rebecca Gleason