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Transportation Scholars Program

Project #: 4W5800
Start Date: 10/12/2015
End Date: 12/31/2017
Status: Completed

To assist with USFWS planning activities and to mentor young resource/transportation professionals, MSU and STC will collaborate to provide a dedicated individual at up to three refuges, complexes or offices through a Transportation Scholars Program. MSU/STC will recruit up to three recent graduates of transportation planning or engineering graduate programs at University Transportation Centers throughout the US. The individual assigned to each location will work with USFWS staff to develop a site specific scope of work/work plan including tasks, deliverables, and approximate work schedule for each location in coordination with the refuge and the project team leader. A senior MSU/STC staff person will serve as a mentor to each scholar and will visit each location to provide onsite guidance regarding conduct of the work. The assigned staff person will also communicate via telephone with the senior staff member on a regular basis to receive guidance on the conduct of his/her work. Examples of work at the refuge sites or regional office sites could include: Develop transportation goals and objectives;  Conduct background research and data analysis related to transportation planning at the sites;  Identify transportation deficiencies and needs;  Develop conceptual plans to manage transportation;  Assist and provide planning knowledge to site specific initiatives and projects;  Identify and prioritize potential projects;  Identify funding and future Federal Lands Transportation Programming needs; and Identify potential partnering and leveraging opportunities.  The individual assigned to each of the complex/refuge site areas or to USFWS will work full time on the described activities for approximately 10 months, subject to scheduling arrangements.


The objective of this project is to establish a Transportation Scholars program that will provide individuals to conduct site specific work at three United States Fish and Wildlife refuges, complexes or offices.To view more information about the transportation scholars program, please visit our Federal Lands Transportation Website.


  • Jaime Sullivan
    Jaime Sullivan