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Transportation Toolkit: United We Ride Project

Started: August, 2007 Ended: March, 2008 Project ID #4W1869 Status: Completed


Enhance the coordination/consolidation process to improve specialized and public transportation systems in Montana. This will be accomplished by surveying Transportation Advisory Committees (TACs) in the state to determine their needs and creating a set of tools to assist them with their processes, providing training events for stakeholders, and developing a system to manage communication among the agencies involved.


The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) requires locally developed coordination plans for those applying for public transportation funds. Communities, agencies and individuals will need new tools to understand and comply with these processes. The Western Transportation Institute will work with state agencies to help clarify and communicate their coordination/consolidation goals to local communities, so that public and specialized transportation systems can be improved throughout Montana.


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Part of: Systems Engineering Development & Integration

Project Tagged In: public transportation, transit, transportation coordination

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