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Travel Behavior Analysis with Chittenden County Survey Data

Started: June, 2020 End Date: October, 2020 Project ID #4W8510 Status: Ongoing


The purpose of this document is to provide the Small Urban, Rural and Tribal Center on Mobility with additional information and greater understanding of travel behavior in the greater Burlington region of Chittenden County, Vermont.


The greater Burlington region of Chittenden County, Vermont is the only small urban area in the state.  The Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission conducted  travel behavior surveys in 2000, 2006, 2012, and 2018. These surveys are unique in the degree to which they collect information about traveler attitudes and priorities for regional transportation investments, as well as the degree of consistency in their survey instruments, enabling a unique opportunity to analyze changes over time. The surveys each contain disaggregate (individual-level) data, and the 2006, 2012, and 2018 surveys each contain approximately 500 observations and were designed to be representative of the regional population. This project is an opportunity to conduct the first original travel behavior research using the data from these surveys.  The research team will conduct a literature review and background research, including the generation of several maps of the study area that provide a visual representation of the spatial layout of travel facilities, key transit routes, and demographics such as density and poverty.  Using the data from the four surveys, researchers will conduct regression modeling to assess the relationship between the outcomes of interest and the factors that influence them. The survey designs are particularly well-suited to the factor identification and cluster analysis techniques that aid in traveler segmentation, used to better understand characteristics of the subgroups within the population. This project may inform transportation policy and planning in small urban areas, as well as efforts to more effectively target subgroups in the population most willing and able to reduce their car reliance.


Sponsors & Partners

  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Sponsor

Part of: Mobility and Public Transportation, WTI-SURTCOM, Small Urban, Rural and Tribal Center on Mobility (SURTCOM)

Project Tagged In: regional transportation planning, travel behavior

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