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Urban Traffic Classification Study

Started: April, 2004 Ended: June, 2004 Project ID #425566 Status: Completed


Record 24-hour traffic counts in urban locations using mobile video-based traffic detection systems.


The WTI Mobile Laboratory van with integrated dual video-camera traffic monitoring systems is used to obtain 24-hour long video samples of urban and semi-urban traffic flow. A number of locations in ten Western Montana cities have been identified as candidates for implementation of this non-intrusive traffic sampling methodology, and as many of these sites as possible will be sampled during the contract period. Deliverables from WTI to MDT include time-lapse video recordings of the 24-hour sample, along with count and classification data obtained using the mobile laboratory automated software and hardware systems.


Sponsors & Partners

  • Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) Sponsor

Part of: Safety and Operations, Transportation Planning and Economics

Project Tagged In: Data collection, Traffic Flow, Video Recorders

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