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Validation and Implementation of AKDOT & PF's Geosynthetic Specifications

Started: June, 2014 Ended: October, 2014 Project ID #4W4946 Status: Completed


The main objective of this project is to refine and implement geosynthetic specifications used by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.  


Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) routinely uses geosynthetics for soil stabilization, soil reinforcement, separation, mechanically stabilized earthen structures, embankments, drainage, erosion control, pavement, and silt fences. A project to update the department’s specifications and design practices was completed by the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University. A final report which documented suggested changes and recommendations to AKDOT&PF’s geosynthetic specifications was submitted and accepted as part of this project. These suggested changes have not yet been incorporated into the specifications manual. Prior to the adoption of these changes into the specifications manual, AKDOT&PF desired to engage the geosynthetic manufacturing community to solicit input from representative geosynthetic manufacturers. The main objective of this project was to refine and implement the updated geosynthetic specifications through regular and focused communication with AKDOT&PF staff and geosynthetic manufacturers.  


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Part of: Infrastructure Maintenance and Materials, Infrastructure Longevity and Sustainability

Project Tagged In: Design Practices, geosynthetics, soil stabilization

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