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Started: May, 2003 Ended: December, 2005 Project ID #425069 Status: Completed


The objective of this project is to streamline currently available weather data from Caltrans Roadway Weather Information Systems (RWIS) sites, National Weather Service sites, the U.S. Forest Service, and other sources available in the Redding area into one accessible source in a manner that is easily accessible by incident responders and potentially the traveling public.


Caltrans District 2 has a wide array of data available detailing road and weather conditions in the district, including a growing RWIS network and weather stations maintained by other state and federal agencies. There is great potential for the use of this information for purposes ranging from maintenance and traveler safety to homeland security and emergency medical response. Currently, though, the data is underutilized because the means for accessing the data are inefficient. Caltrans District 2 has identified the need to develop a single application for accessing all available weather condition data.


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