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Wiyot Tribe, CA, Technical Assistance for Tribal Transportation Systems: Connecting Rural Transportation with Economic Opportunity

Project #: 4WA101, 4WA102
Start Date: 10/26/2022
End Date: 08/15/2024
Status: Current

The Table Bluff Reservation of the Wiyot Tribe is relatively small, from both a population and land-mass perspective, and is in an area not served by public transportation (transit). There is a need, however, for tribal members to get to larger communities in the region, such as Eureka, California, for shopping, medical needs, etc.

This project will investigate all options to provide enhanced mobility for Wiyot Tribal members located on the Table Bluff Reservation, and provide recommendations on how to implement the best options for enhanced transportation/mobility.


The goal of this project is to provide technical assistance (TA) to the Wiyot Tribe in California as it relates to mobility, economic development, and business assistance. The project team will conduct outreach to residents, businesses, local governments, and other stakeholders to understand their community needs and goals. WTI will then provide short-term assistance through research, information sharing, coaching calls or web meetings, trainings, or facilitating peer mentor matching or online peer exchange.

Benefits: This project will support the inter-community connections of the Wiyot Tribe by improving mobility access and, therefore, the economic prosperity of their underserved communities.


  • David Kack
    David Kack