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In the News: 60 Minutes Highlights Grizzly Bear Research in Montana

Large bear chewing on tree branches

On October 11, the CBS News Show 60 Minutes aired an in-depth feature story on grizzly bears in Montana and the impacts of the growing populations of both bears and humans in the state. In one segment, Bryce Andrews, Director of the non-profit organization People and Carnivores, discusses efforts by his organization to minimize human-bear […]

Where in the World is WTI? Road Ecologist presents workshop in South Africa

The expertise of WTI researchers is in high demand for research collaborations, presentations, and academic exchanges around the world.  “Where in the World is WTI?” will periodically feature partnerships and forums that showcase the growing international scope of our work. WHERE: Kruger National Park, South Africa WHO: Rob Ament, Road Ecologist WHY: African Conference for […]