Debra Strachan

Business Manager, Center for Health & Safety Culture

Debra Strachan has provided fiscal management services to the Center for Health and Safety Culture (CHSC) in the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University since July, 2010.  She previously held the same position for six years when the program was MOST of Us, based in the College of Education, Department of Health & Human Development.

With over 40 years of public financial service experience, some of the duties she performs include:  initiating and maintaining sponsor and procurement contracts; establishing, managing and analyzing fiscal systems associated with Center projects; insuring compliance with Montana State University policies; and providing various human resource essentials.  She is strongly supportive of the interdisciplinary Center’s work to help others improve health and safety by understanding and cultivating cultural transformation.

Deb and her husband, Gordon have been married since 1975, resided in Bozeman since 1990 and raised two sons, Gordon and Carl, who are settled in Montana with families of their own.  Personal interests include traveling, hunting, fishing, hiking, gardening, preserving foods, sewing, and crafts.

Research Focus Affiliations

  • Safety Culture

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