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Marcel Huijser

Research Ecologist

Marcel Huijser, Ph.D., Wildlife Ecology, is a Research Ecologist with 23 years of experience. Specializing in road ecology since 1995, he has conducted research in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. His focus is on the ecological impacts of transportation infrastructure as well as mitigation measures aimed at reducing these impacts. Most of his research relates to reducing large mammal-vehicle collisions, providing safe crossing opportunities for wildlife, and cost-benefit analyses regarding the implementation of mitigation measures. Huijser has taught a road ecology course for MSc and PhD students and has also provided several multiple day courses to various agencies and toll road companies.

Huijser has led several dozens of road ecology projects, including a report to U.S. Congress on reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions (2008), and several handbooks containing practical suggestions on implementing effective mitigation measures aimed at reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions (2008) and providing safe crossing opportunities for wildlife (2011). While mitigation measures may be required based on human safety and biological conservation parameters alone, Huijser also developed a cost-benefit model (2009) that serves as a decision support tool based on economics. While Huijser is an applied research ecologist he also values publishing in peer-reviewed journals.
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