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WTI Employees Recognized for Years of Service

Every October, Montana State University hosts the Milestones in Service Award banquet to recognize employees who reached five-year employment increments during the previous fiscal year. This year’s event included three WTI employees celebrating significant work milestones. Of special note are Susan Gallagher, WTI’s Education & Workforce Program Coordinator, and Marcel Huijser, Senior Research Ecologist, for whom 2023 marks 20 years as MSU employees. Thank you all for your years of hard work and expertise!

20 Years with WTI20 Years with WTI10 Years with WTI
Portrait of Marcel HuijserPortrait Karalyn Clouser

Susan Gallagher

Education & Workforce Development Program Coordinator

Marcel Huijser

Senior Research Ecologist

Karalyn Clouser

Research Associate