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What we know! Communicating public input for the Gallatin Valley Sensitive Lands Protection Plan

Class: Geography 365
Role: Geographical Planning
Agency: City of Bozeman
Working Group: Community Engagement

The City of Bozeman, county and state government, and non-profit organizations are working together to protect important wildlife habitat, landscapes, and natural systems throughout the Gallatin Valley through the development of a Sensitive Lands Protection Plan, which will include recommendations and actions to help coordinate these efforts as the area grows.

Students will learn about public participation efforts through the City of Bozeman for the sensitive lands project and create “What We Heard” fact sheets and/or infographics on feedback obtained during an open house and through a survey. Students will also develop policy briefs on sensitive lands modeled on the Sustainable Development Code.

Student “What We Heard” fact sheets and infographics: What We Heard Presentation

Academic Year/Semester: 2018-19

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