WTI releases mobile version of Weathershare real-time traffic tool.

Weathershare realtime traffic app displayed on tabletJust in time for wintry holiday road trips over the river and through the woods, WTI has released a mobile version of the award-winning One-Stop Shop online traffic tool for travelers looking for up-to-the-minute information on weather and road conditions. Montana State University News Service released an extensive feature article on the project, which was highlighted on the MSU webpage last week, and has been picked up by several news organizations. You can read the article here, or try out the tool yourself at http://oss.weathershare.org/m

Read more about the latest phase of the Weathershare project.

Congratulations to the development team, which has put in many long hours creating, expanding, and enhancing this tool since 2014, in partnership with the California Department of Transportation and the Western States Rural Transportation Consortium. This hard working team includes Doug Galarus, Dan Richter, Leann Koon from WTI’s Systems Engineering Development and Integration program, WTI alumni staff member David Veneziano, and Caltrans partners Ian Turnbull and Sean Campbell.

Expansion of the One Stop Shop for Traveler Information

The One Stop Shop for Traveler Information now includes Montana – and Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming! OSS has been providing travelers in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada access to route-oriented, real-time and near real time weather and road information through a single website, and now the Rocky Mountain States have access to this valuable traveler tool. Developed in partnership by WTI and Caltrans, OSS won an International award from the Intelligent Transportation Society of America for Best New Innovative Practice earlier this fall. Visit the OSS site at http://oss.weathershare.org/.

“Great job” goes out to Doug Galarus, Leann Koon, Dan Richter, and Caltrans Project Manager, Sean Campbell and Caltrans Project Champion, Ian Turnbull.

See the MSU news article here: http://www.montana.edu/news/15240/msu-39-s-wti-launches-new-traveler-website-for-montana-rockies-region