Eight transportation research programs, one integrated team addressing RURAL MATTERS

We use laboratories to support our research efforts.

WTI Program Thumb Safety and Operations. Image of vehicles backed up on rural road at site of crash. Enforcement vehicle and traffic management.

Safety and Operations

Finding sustainable solutions for improving rural highway safety and operations in key areas including human factors in crashes on rural highways, road safety culture and integration of rural ITS.

Cold Climate
Operations and Systems

Conducting research which emphasizes the development and evaluation of winter maintenance materials and systems to aid in best practices and decision making.

WTI Program Thumb Road Ecology. Image subject, Bighorn sheep on rural highway with oncoming vehicles.

Road Ecology

Providing national leadership in understanding the interaction between roads, natural resources and the ecological environment. The solutions we develop and implement address concerns of road ecology including wildlife migration near highways and animal-vehicle collisions.

Infrastructure Longevity
and Sustainability

Improving the design and maintenance of rural highway infrastructure. Rural transportation agencies need new solutions to increase infrastructure longevity and to ensure that new designs are adequate to meet increasing demands.

WTI-ProgramThumbTitle-Systems Engineering Development and Integration. Image Subject Cameras and Communications antennas that are part of a standand alone remote communications traffic monitoring trailer.

Systems Engineering Development and Integration

Advancing rural transportation with its research on integrating hardware, software and communication systems into rural transportation systems. We analyze, engineer and develop solutions by utilizing numerous technologies such as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

WTI-ProgramThumbTitle-Mobility and Public Transportation. Image subject: Passengers board public transit bus. One passenger has disability and used crutches.

Mobility and Public Transportation

Providing a comprehensive approach to the issues facing rural transit agencies. We focus on offering research, outreach and education/training for concerns such as rural public transportation and rural mobility. We also facilitate rural transportation coordination among stakeholders.

WTI-ProgramThumbTitle-Logistics and Freight Management. Image Subject: Driver View of interstate with commercial truck and line of oil tankers on rail.

Logistics and
Freight Management

With a comprehensive approach to researching economics and rural transportation, the Logistics and Freight Management program solves the problems of timely and cost-effective management of freight, inventory and transportation assets.

WTI-ProgramThumbTitle-Transportation Planning and Economics. Driver view on rural highway with backed up traffic in oncoming lane.

Transportation Planning
and Economics

Our Transportation Planning and Economics program assists implementers and policy makers in the creation of more sustainable rural transportation systems by researching the impacts of and relationships between transportation, land use, planning and policy and economies.