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511 Traveler Information Telephone Number Support Assistance Program Program Grant Application

Started: June, 2002 Ended: December, 2006 Project ID #426889 Status: Completed


This application has four objectives to carry out, of which include:• creating a comprehensive 511 Deployment Plan for the entire state of Montana• improving the 511 software and hardware that is being implemented by the GYRTWIS contract• increasing the number of phone lines that access 511 Statewide, and• market 511 throughout Montana.


With Montana attracting millions of visitors every year, whether it be to its beautiful National parks or abundance of outdoor recreational activities, ease of travel is a major concern among not only transportation professionals but also travelers themselves. Since January 8, 2003, 511 has been implemented in Montana working to inform travelers across Montana of weather and road conditions. Montana’s diverse geography results in unique and unpredictable weather conditions sometimes causing an unsafe environment for travel. 511 aids these situations by providing travelers with current and forecasted road conditions for state highways and interstates.The 511 traveler information system is a part of the Greater Yellowstone Regional Travel and Weather Information Systems (GYRTWIS) project, contributing a micro scale meteorological and thermal model that provides a forecasted weather condition to those traveling in regions with severely varied topography. Federal ITS funds are jointly being used with contributions from Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), Meridian Environmental Technology, Inc (MET), and the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) to assist the GYRTWIS project. The 511 grant was created by the Federal Highway Administration to help states implement 511. As Montana’s 511 system was already implemented, they used it to help upgrade and market 511 with the following four tasks: 511 Deployment Plan, GYRTWIS 511 Software and Hardware Improvements, 511 Phone Service Switching and Expansion, and 511 Marketing.


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  • Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) Sponsor
  • Meridian Environmental Technology Inc. Co-Sponsor

Part of: Safety and Operations

Project Tagged In: 511, Traveler Information, Communication Systems

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