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An Assessment of Traffic Safety Culture: Exploring Traffic Safety Citizenship

Started: June, 2015 End Date: October, 2016 Project ID #4W5482 Status: Ongoing


The objective of this project is to increase understanding of specific traffic safety behaviors that can reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries.


Engagement in traffic safety by road users is an important component of a comprehensive Toward Zero Death (TZD) strategy. Also called "safety citizenship," focusing on growing prosocial, traffic safety related behaviors by everyone is a strategic shift from focusing on directly impacting the behavior of an often small group engaging in risky behaviors. The strategy is to foster more active engagement by the larger majority of safe road users to influence the behaviors of the smaller risk group. This project has several objectives related to cultural factors that may support traffic safety engagement : 1. Select and clearly define positive traffic safety behaviors  that would reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries. These behaviors will include (1) intervening in the safety of others and (2) enabling effective traffic safety strategies. 2. Measure the prevalence of the identified traffic safety behaviors among US adults. 3. Identify aspects of traffic safety culture (values, attitudes and beliefs) and safety citizenship that are predictive of these behaviors. 4. Propose methods of increasing traffic safety citizenship based the identified cultural factors.  


  • Nic Ward - PI

  • Susan Sillick - Main External Contact

Sponsors & Partners

  • Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) Sponsor

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Part of: Safety and Operations, Safety Culture

Project Tagged In: driver behavior, human factors, traffic safety culture

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