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Engaging Community Partners and Youth to Enhance and Sustain Safe Routes to School

Project #: 4WA236
Start Date: 02/01/2023
End Date: 09/01/2024
Status: Current

Studies have shown that Safe Routes to School projects and programs increase the number of children who walk and bike to school. By building pedestrian skills at a young age, students are more likely to choose active transportation modes across their lifespan, therefore decreasing vehicle miles traveled, reducing vehicle emissions, and preventing chronic disease and improving physical health overall. The Safe Routes to School Program will provide critical support for organizing and implementing pedestrian safety education and encouragement activities.  These activities are critical for developing skills to walk and bike safely among one of our community’s most vulnerable road users, children.


This project continues a Safe Routes to School program that provides education and encourages walking and biking to K-12 schools, develops public bike and pedestrian awareness campaigns, and supports traffic enforcement near schools. The project funds a Safe Routes to School Coordinator position, who works with school districts and community partners to establish and maintain bike and pedestrian programming.

This project benefits children as it teaches critical safety skills and helps increase mobility at a young age. School districts and parents benefit by decreasing school related traffic, creating a safer environment for bicyclists and pedestrians.


  • Matthew Madsen
    Matthew Madsen