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Side-by-side Comparison of Agricultural-based De-icing Additives

Project #: 4W8011
Start Date: 09/16/2019
End Date: 06/30/2022
Status: Completed

Building from work by this research team that investigated the mechanism by which ag-based additives to deicers work to improve deicer function, this research effort will look at the side-by-side performance improvements of various ag-based products in a controlled laboratory setting (Muthumani et al., 2015). Ag-based products that can provide benefits to deicers can be derived from beets, apple pulp, pulp/paper plants, potato (vodka co-products), and peonies, as well as other sources. The goal of this effort is to utilize regionally sourced agriculturally derived products to enhance deicer performance. Evaluation of ag-based deicing additives has shown these products to provide corrosion protection, longevity on the pavement surface, and improved product performance through suppressed ice nucleation (Fay and Akin, 2019; Fay and Akin, 2018; Muthumani, Fay and Shi, 2016; Muthumani et al., 2015). The test methods used in the lab to assess product performance have been used in multiple testing scenarios including the evaluation of various deicing and blended deicing products, on assorted pavement types and surface treatments, and for the evaluation of non-invasive sensors (Akin, Fay and Shi, 2019; Fay et al., 2018; Muthumani et al., 2015).


The objective of this project is to assist Colorado DOT in identifying regionally sourced agricultural co- or by-products that can be used as additives to deicers to enhance corrosion protection, providing added deicing performance and longevity on the road surface. This will be achieved through literature search and laboratory evaluation.


  • Laura Fay
    Laura Fay