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Technical Support to Increase Safety for People Walking and Biking in Big Sky

Project #: 4W9910
Start Date: 01/01/2022
End Date: 08/31/2023
Status: Completed

Data indicates that the project helped make some progress toward the community goal. Curb extensions installed at main East/West crossings along Ousel Falls Rd. corresponded with a 17% increase in driver yielding rates increased by 17%, or 17% more drivers yielded for pedestrians who were waiting to cross. Curb extension near the Town Center transit stop corresponded with a 7% increase in driver yielding rates.

Speed data collected along the entire Ousel Falls corridor from Lone Peak Dr to Simkins Dr showed a 1 mph decrease of 85th percentile speed in the northbound direction while southbound traffic saw an increase of 1 mph and no change respectively. The only other notable data point in the speed and volume data was that, at the data collection point south of Town Center between Aspen Leaf and Simkins Dr, the percentage of drivers speeding decreased by 10%.

Community input is another important component of the pop-up process. This project had more than 100 respondents to the community survey – over 80% of them were year-round Big Sky residents. Based on the results, many respondents agreed that this project improved perceived safety and visibility of pedestrians. Respondents shared that they would like the community to continue doing more to improve overall safety, decrease vehicle speed, and make Big Sky the livable community that residents want to see.

The placemaking portion of the project was not successfully completed before the pop-up’s removal in October. Placemaking in the form of street art could have occurred in the space created within the curb extensions. Now that the process has been installed for one year, it will be easier to reach out and make connections with possible partners over the winter to plan and design street art. It is also another opportunity to participate in community engagement around the project.


The goal of this project is to develop an understanding of existing roadway and transportation infrastructure in Big Sky and use that information to develop new bicycle and pedestrian safety-centric pop-up projects in the Town Center and Meadow Village. This process will engage local leaders and residents and empower the Big Sky community to lead their own walk audits and pop-up demonstration projects in the future. They will also be provided with a technical memo of Big Sky pedestrian and bicycle friendly tools such as concept drawings, traffic calming examples, relevant case studies and design documents, and cost estimates.