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Optimization Testing for Water Treatment Plant Pretreatment and Sludge Handling

Class: Environmental Engineering 341
Role: Chemical and Physical Processes
Agency: Water Treatment Plant

The purpose of this project was to perform laboratory testing to aid in optimization of pretreatment and sludge handling at the Sourdough Drinking Water Plant.  Students conducted jar testing to evaluate various doses of chemical addition and recycled wash water impact of removal of solids from raw water during pretreatment. They also measured the impact of chemical addition on the rate of sludge settling to determine optimal conditions for sludge separation in the gravity thickener. Based on data collected, students formulated recommendations addressing the following objectives: 1) determine whether recycling backwash water to the front of the plant impacts pretreatment; 2) determine an optimal dose of coagulant under the conditions tested; and 3) determine optimal chemical addition(s) to enhance sludge settling in the gravity thickener.

Project Report:

EENV 341 Project Report

Group Project Presentations:

Group 1 Presentation, Group 2 Presentation, Group 3 Presentation, Group 4 Presentation, Group 5 Presentation, Group 6 Presentation, Group 7 Presentation, Group 8 Presentation

Academic Year/Semester: Fall 2021

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