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Deicing Field Trials: Use of Locally Sourced Cheese Brine

Project #: 4WA9964
Start Date: 09/06/2022
End Date: 12/31/2023
Status: Completed

Leprino Cheese Brine (LCB) was approved for use in field trials at two locations in Colorado as a pre-wetting agent added to solid material (salt-sand or rock salt) at 8 gal/ton. Three attempts were made to pick up and then apply the LCB as a pre-wetting agent. While one successful pick up and application occurred, it was not as a pre-wet. The two additional pickups and field applications were attempted, but were unsuccessful due to clogging of tanks, lines, filters, and pumps by the LCB. To provide consistency in the product and procedures and prevent clogging of tanks and application equipment, quality control of LCB by Leprino Foods is needed and tanks and application equipment need to be sufficiently clean. Overall, the cost analysis shows that if LCB is picked up in large quantities and can offset the use of large volumes of Apex, there is potential cost saving for CDOT. For this to occur, LCB needs to be successfully picked up and applied as a prewetting agent. The challenge of the LCB clogging the tank, lines, filters, and pumps was the primary roadblock preventing successful implementation of this project.

Use of LCB by CDOT has potential to reduce costs for CDOT and reduce the amount of salt brought into Colorado, that ends up in the environment.

The creation of an improved LCB for use as liquid anti-icer was investigated. After significant investment, the development of the improved LCB was abandoned due to increased requirements and costs.