Public Lands Transportation Fellows Projects 2014-2015

San Diego National Wildlife Complex – Jacob Connor, June 2014-April 2015

The San Diego National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Complex is a network of protected lands in an urbanized coastal area, potentially accessible to over 3.5 million residents of the San Diego metropolitan area. The Complex is made up of four refuges in the southern California region, three in San Diego County including the San Diego Bay NWR (which includes the Sweetwater Marsh and South San Diego Bay units), San Diego NWR, and Tijuana Slough NWR and one in Orange County, the Seal Beach NWR. The Complex has unique opportunities to provide expanded transit and non-motorized transportation access options for the public to visit and enjoy wildlife and natural habitats. To take advantage of these opportunities, the transportation scholar will assist the Complex in creating a transportation plan that identifies the existing multimodal transportation opportunities, works with partners to develop proposals for expanding existing access opportunities, and finally, to develop tools for informing the public of how they can take advantage of these options for accessing the Refuges within San Diego.

  • Transportation Scholar Jacob Connor’s Bio (pdf)
  • Jacob Connor’s 2015 TRB Poster (pdf)
  • Jacob Connor’s 2015 Final Report (pdf)