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Public Lands Transportation Fellows Projects 2018-2020

Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge – Vince Ziols, June 2018 – May 2020

The DRIWR is an urban refuge located 20 miles south of Detroit. The refuge runs along the lower Detroit River and the western shoreline of Lake Erie. The refuge was established in 2001 with Canada, making it the first international refuge in North America. The refuge is 6,000 acres including islands, coastal wetlands, marshes, shoals, and waterfront lands.

The DRIWR is scheduled to open their visitor center, fishing pier, and trail connections in spring 2018. In preparation for opening the DRIWR to the public, several transportation studies have recently been completed including an urban transportation study and a Regional Alternative Transportation Evaluation (RATE) study. These studies provided potential preliminary transportation needs and solutions for the refuge.

  • Transportation Fellow Vince Ziol’s bio (pdf)
  • Vince Ziol’s 2019 TRB Poster (pdf)
  • Vince Ziol’s 2019 Presentation (pdf, streaming link)
  • Vince Ziol’s 2019 Final Report (pdf)
  • Vince Ziol’s 2020 TRB Poster (pdf)
  • Vince Ziol’s 2020 Wrap-up Webinar (pdf, streaming link)