TRIPTAC Publications

During the TRIPTAC’s existence (2009-2014), the team worked closely with federal land managers to produce publications on alternative transportation, filling the gaps in existing resources. This page provides an archive of the publications created by the TRIPTAC.

TRIPTAC Organization and Structure
Peer Group Charter ( PDF)
TRIPTAC’s Technical Assistance Process (PDF)
TRIPTAC’s Interim Report on Progress (PDF)

Reports and Manuals
Needs Assessment Executive Summary (PDF)
Needs Assessment Presentation (PDF )
Best Practices for Define the Need for Transportation Planning (PDF)
Good Practices to Encourage Bicycling & Pedestrians on Federal Lands ( Full ReportExecutive Summary)
Economic Benefits of Alternative Transportation Systems on Federal Lands (PDF)
Promoting Diversity on Federal Lands (PDF)
The Economic Benefits of the Island Explorer at Acadia National Park to Gateway Communities (PDF)
Technical Memorandum #1: Summary of Transit in Parks (TRIP) Project Statuses 2006-2012 (PDF)
Technical Memorandum #2: Summary of Planning Recommendations for Completed Planning Grants from 2006-December 2011 (PDF)

Partnership Case Studies
Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge ( full case studyexecutive summary)
North Moab Recreation Areas ( full case study, executive summary)
Grand Island National Recreational Area ( full case study, executive summary
Cape Cod National Seashore (full case study, executive summary)

Technical Assistance Reports
Asphalt Pigment Information for Trails (PDF)
Coconino & Tonto National Forests Fossil Creek and Sedona transportation Review (PDF)
Salmon Area Trails Plan Alternative Transportation System(PDF)
Performance of Alternative Fuels at High Altitude (PDF)
Evaluation of an ITS for Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park (PDF)
Mount St. Helen’s Existing Conditions Summary (PDF)
Evaluation of the 2013 ITS for the Town of Estes Park, CO. (PDF)
Road Safety Audit for the Lincoln Memorial Circle (PDF)

TAG Reports
Durango Colorado (PDF)
Tuskegee Alabama Parks (PDF)

A Review of the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum and its Potential Application to Transportation in Parks and Public Lands ( TRIPTAC Res LR ROS)
Using Indicators and Standards of Quality to Guide Transportation Management in Parks and Public Lands: A Best Practices Manual ( TRIPTAC Res BestPractices Management)
Alternative Transportation Systems Business Models Evaluation ( full reportexecutive summary)

Alternative Transportation System Business Models Decision Support Tool

Public Lands Transportation Scholars Final Reports

Improving Safety for Pedestrians and Cyclists at the Entrance to Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge: A Description of the Process and Results of a Road Safety Audit

Integrating Shuttles at Chimney Rock National Monument

Diversifying Access to Urban Refuges through Alternative Transportation at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Preparing for People: Establishing Alternative Transportation Access to the Southwest’s First Urban Wildlife Refuge

Trams, Trails, and Transit: Alternative Transportation and Sustainable Infrastructure in Sabino Canyon

Stacked Loops and Partners: Enhancing Bicycling, Walking, and Accessibility at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

The San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex Transportation Evaluation: An Examination of the transportation Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Seven Refuges in the Complex

North Moab Recreation Area Connections